Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp colitis expert forum microscopic colitis << back to forum by jimmy583 | feb 18, 2008 1 comment answered by ratnakar. , md microscopic colitis i have had fat malabsorption for over two years now. generic viagra india price I have lost 30 lbs and can't gain anything back. online pharmacy They have ruled out celiac, crohn's, cf, pancreas. My gi doctor now wants to test for microscopic colitis. I do sometimes have watery bm's but most of the time they are just loose. Ballpark 2 to 3 times a day if i watch what i eat, several more if i eat whatever. Does this sound like microscopic colitis? What other conditions cause fat malabsorption that have not already been mentioned. viagra generic name funny I do have a white cell count that is a little low as well as blood platelets that are a little low. cost generic viagra canada Vitamin and mineral def. Sometimes night sweats. I have hyperparatyhroidism as well as familial hypercalcemia but the levels for both have been fine over the past 2 yrs. cost generic viagra canada Tags: colitis, diarrhea tweet related discussions what is microscopic colitis? What is microscopic colitis? viagra delivered overnight What are its symptoms? cost generic viagra canada How... [more] chronic diaherra (1 replies):i have had chronic diaherra for about 3 months. I was al... [more] microscopic colitis (1 replies):hi i am 18 years old male. Recently my doctor diagnosed m... [more] microscopic diverticulosis (5 replies):i had a colonoscopy yesterday and the doctor said he too... [more] alternative treatment for microscopic colitis (1 replies):my mom has been diagnosed with microscopic colitis. cheap viagra in canada Ster... order cheap generic viagra [more] ratnakar. , md   feb 21, 2008 hi jimmy583, most of the cases of microscopic colitis are associated with intake of nsaid medications ( are you taking any nsaid) - but not in all cases. Microscopic colitis can cause weight loss. Diarrhea usually stops with fasting. A biopsy  alone from the colon can confirm the diagnosis. But since you have problems like vitamin and mineral deficiency as well, small intestinal problem is more probable than microscopic colitis. The list of causes of fat malabsorption is very long and all cannot be mentioned here ==========================================. gibsons viagra triangle